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Indian Hair
12 Mar 2005

Extension Care (Indian Hair)

PLEASE NOTE: We recommend consulting with a hair care professional for care and use of our extension products.


Prior to applying hair extensions, it is recommended that both your hair and the extension should be cleaned with shampoo and conditioner in cool water. This will remove any remaining residue from our extension manufacturing processing, help prevent tangling and help ensure a proper application of the extension.

For wefted hair extensions, double check for loose hair wefts. If any loose sections are found, repair by sewing or adding the proper adhesive to the loose parts. This will help to prevent any hair shedding.


Hot tools may be used on human hair extensions. Hot blow driers, curling irons, flat irons and similar tools may be used in the same way as they would on your regular hair. However, care should be taken to avoid touching the weaving thread or glue with the hot tool.