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Human or Synthetic
12 Mar 2005

Hair Types
Wigs are available in two different types of hair. A summary of these types and the advantages and disadvantages of each is listed below.

Human Hair
Human Hair is just that, 100% natural human hair. Care of a human hair wig is similar to that of your own hair. It can be styled, blow-dried, curled, straightened and more. Just as with human hair, once a human hair wig is washed, it will usually need to be re-styled. For complete care information, check out our online Wig InfoCenter. Human-hair wigs are generally more expensive than synthetic wigs.

Synthetic Hair
Synthetic hair wigs vary slightly from company to company. The fibers are designed to closely match the texture and consistency of natural human hair. Synthetic-hair wigs are generally less expensive than human-hair wigs.

IMPORTANT: No heat can be applied to synthetic hair wigs as this will damage the fibers. This includes curling irons and blow-driers. Heated steam curlers can be used, but only at a lower setting.