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12 Mar 2005

How To Choose A Wig

One of the ways we recommend first-time wig shoppers choose a wig, is to make a selection that best complements their facial shape. While some facial shapes look good with any wig, most must be carefully matched to a wig. By following these simple guidelines below, you'll be able to find the wig that brings out the true beauty in your face.

Please remember, these are merely general guidelines. They may or may not work for you depending on your features, coloring and personal style. As you become more comfortable with what works with your face, body and style, you'll be able to make even better choices in wig and hair styles. As always, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Oval Face

Oval shaped face is considered one of the most versatile because almost all wigs will look flattering. Any style, be it long, short, curly, or straight will look natural and pretty.

Round Face

Neat bobs are not recommended for those who have a round shaped face - it will only make your face look fuller. The goal is to slim your face. Some of the styles that you should look for are wigs that will frame your face and have height at the crown.
Suggestions: Beyonce, Vivica.

Square Face

If your face is square shaped, blunt-clipped bangs should be avoided because it will make your face look even more angular. If you want to wear bangs, try the wigs that have wispy or fringed bangs. If you don’t want to have bangs, a side part will suit you best instead of a center part. The key is to soften the edges of your face - this can be done best by wearing a style close to your face (i.e., soft layers in the front).

Heart-Shaped Face

Your shape is an upside down triangle, meaning there is very little of your face at the jaw line and more at the brow line. You want to look for a wig that doesn’t have height at the crown and the sides (area around your ears) but have fullness at the bottom. Chin length with bangs swept to the side will look perfect.

Oblong Face

Your shape is long and thin with a narrow chin. Avoid wigs that are long and hanging, or those that have a layered cut. It will only make your face seem lengthier. The aim is to add width to your face. Curly or wavy wigs will do just that. Hair length that reaches to the middle of your neck will look best on you.