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Hair extensions 101 and Health > How to care for your Remy Hair

6 Apr 2005



Do not sleep on loose wet hair. You may braid the hair prior to retiring for the night to create waves and a curly texture to our natural straight hair. C omb out all tangles prior to wetting or washing hair. C ondition hair after every wash. Take care of your remi hair and be gentle with it. It is very sensitive to the environment. Use a large toothed pick or comb to style your remi hair by starting from the bottom and working your way up. Keep your hair clean and conditioned at least weekly. O nly use warm or cold water. Keep your hair in its natural direction when washing to prevent tangles. Start at the top (near the scalp) and gently squeeze hair in a downward motion. Do not wring or rub the hair in the opposite direction.


Wear a swim cap or plastic cap to protect your hair while swimming. Chlorine and other chemicals can damage the hair. Lightly spray your hair each morning with a hair oil/water mix or moisturizing lotion to maintain a fresh look with wavy or curly hair. Be sure that it does not contain alcohol so that your hair will not dry out. Apply conditioners sparingly.