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Oatmeal Milk 'n' Honey Exfoliating Bar
21 May 2005

"This soap is one of my favorites. Its made with honey & milk, which makes one of the most gentle soaps around. The scent is a perfect marriage and reminiscent of richly blended oatmeal, fresh milk and honey. Its mellow, soothing, not too heavy on the honey with just a hint of sweetness. "

"This soap is the comfort food of soaps. Finely ground oatmeal is added for gentle exfoliating properties. You'll absolutely love this soap!" Its great for sensitive skin. This soap also comes unscented for ultimate gentleness!



At bath time, nothing is more luxurious or nurturing for your skin than an all-natural bar of Oatmeal Milk 'n' Honey

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Carmen Amosee