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Closure Piece

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Price: $249.99
Availability: in stock
Prod. Code: CP001

What is Closure?
Closure is a small hair piece with a parting on it. This hair piece is added into your regular weave to give the impression of a realistic looking parting in the weave.

How is Closure attached?
Closure is usually sewn onto a cornrow base in the traditional weaving method. Although it can also be attached using other methods such as the netting method most commonly used to cover bald patches.

Is Closure made from Remy human hair?
Yes Closure is made from 100% Remy Human Hair.

What lengths are Closures available in?
12" but this can be cut to suit your style.

How is Closure made?
Every Closure is entirely hand made.


This selection is 100% Human Remy Hair and is available in the following colors: 1 (Black), 1B (Off Black), 2 (Dark Brown), 4 (Light Brown), 27 (Strawberry Blond), 30 (Light Auburn), 33 (Dark Auburn),