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Indian Remy Hair! Buy in 4 oz. bundles, per length. > Indian Remy Hair & Lace Samples
Indian Remy Hair & Lace Samples
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Price: $29.99
Availability: in stock
Prod. Code: SAMP

Choose which hair you would like to sample.

Curly or all 3.

$29.99 per sample

(the samples comes in natural color 1b.  Please add an additional $10.00 for custom coloring on all samples.  Custom color will be any color listed other then the ones above.  Also you are not allowed to pick the length sample (the sample is normally 8-12 inches depending on the type of sample you ask for)

Lace samples

Lace samples come in French, Swiss, Stretch, and Super Thin, and Super Thin Stretch (the color of the sample varies by the type). Remember to select the one you want or we will send the standard sample or French or Swiss lace.