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Indian Remy Hair! Buy in 4 oz. bundles, per length. > Himalayan Hair 4 oz.
Himalayan Hair 4 oz.

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Price: $279.99
Prod. Code: Him1541

Himalayan hair is absolutely the most beautiful and the RAREST hair on the market! We're one of the FEW online manufacturers in all India who carry this type of hair! Himalayan hair presents all the luxurious qualities of standard virgin Indian hair on the market but is much smoother than most types of hair and it has great styling versatility!

Please allow 3 - 4 weeks for delivery. This hair is special ordered and is only ordered for clients with refined taste. If you are that classy lady, this is the hair for you! You wont believe how beautiful this hair is!!!!!

Natural colors only! We do not custom color this hair! 1 and 1b.

For extra length, select "Continue Shopping" then select from below. If you don't select from the choices below, you will be sent 12" or 14" hair bundles.

For 16" add $40

For 18" add $50

For 20" add $60

For 22" add $65