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Glamorous Natural Brows

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Prod. Code: EB001

Natural Brow Human Hair Eyebrows

Made with 100% Human Hair - Easy to Apply - Reusable

Natural Brow Human Hair Eyebrows










Brand: The Charles Alfieri Collection

The Natural Brows Eyebrows are easy to apply: 

 Apply a small amount of the adhesive to your brow line skin (1/4 oz. bottle supplied with eyebrows).  Place the Natural Brows Eyebrows on your brow line forming them to your desired shape and arch.  You may use your own eyebrow pencil and/or powder shadows to enhance the color and finished look, just as you would your own eyebrows. You can even cut and trimmed the eyebrows to your preference.

The Natural Brows Eyebrows are reusable.

To remove, gently peel off the Natural Brows using a cotton swab with an oil based make up remover (swab and remover not supplied). Once removed, rubbing alcohol (not included) may be used to clean any adhesive residue from the base of the Natural Brows.

Choose from 3 shades..

Light Brownish Blonde - for women with blonde, light red or grey hair.

Medium Brown - for women with dark blonde, red or brown hair.

Dark Brown - for women with dark brown or black hair.