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Testimonial's 4
Dear MIH,
I want to send you this email to personally give you our thanks and gratitude for your help in restoring our daughter to her former self. When she lost her hair to chemotherapy, she would not smile or speak to anyone. This photo was taken on our annual summer vacation and as you can see she is our happy little girl again. Thanks so much for giving our family our little girl again. God Bless all of you!
Ok I'm not long winded and my nature is very skeptical. I read the testimonials and I was thinking " Yeah right yada yada". I was so wrong. After seeing the items in person and watching all the ladies leave the salon looking 200% better than when they arrived, I feel it is now my duty to shout your products out to the entire world! My hair system is BEAUTIFUL and I am now one of the living, breathing, walking and testifying ladies! You have changed my life and I am forever greatful! You ladies are wonderful! Sherese your work is outstanding. You took your time with me and answers all 5 million of my questions even though you had others to do. Your patience and kindness will keep me a customer forever! Merry Christmas and I hope you put this testimonial up on your site!
This hair is the absolute best hair I've ever used! You have me and my sisters as customers for life!
Hey this is Miss Virginia and thanks so much for making me a super duper diva again. All the ladies at the church envy my new look and your customer service is the bomb!
Good Evening Sharon,
I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the exemplary customer service you provided me with regard to this order.  I rec'd the adhesives yesterday afternoon just like you said I would AND they are the correct adhesives.  I don't know if I mentioned to you or not but I am allergic to a lot of various chemicals used for hairdressing, i.e. strong relaxers; permanent hair color, etc., and almost all bonding glues.  Well this product that MIH provides works just great for me and I have no allergic reactions!  YIPPEE!!  I mainly wanted to let you know I did get the products and again wanted to say Thank you!  I'll be in touch!

I want to thank MIH for helping my daughter. She suffers from total Alopecia and it destroyed our family. We never thought we would find something that would look realistic. She is her old self again. She smiles all the time and even goes out in public! Thanks so much MIH for this wonderful present. You all do so much for the community and we want to thank you from the bottoms of our hearts. This is truly a blessing. May God continue to Bless you all.



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