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Testimonials 2

I was a hit! A smashing sensation at my Premier last night! I was stunning. Magnificent! Beautiful! I was swinging that Miss B like it was God given. Watch out Beyonce, there's a new DIVA in town and last night it was me! Peggy I can't give you my gratitude enough. I will thank you for last night for 1 million life times. You are a jewel!
HollyWood, California




Hey Sharon, this is Nicole from Brick City, NJ! The lady with all the questions lol. I just wanted you to know that you were right about this wig. It looks so natural that I can't believe it's me in the mirror. My husband loves it and never wants me to take it off. lol. I just wanted to give you a thank you to let you know that you guys are on point. Tell Sandy I said hello too. My sister is calling today to place her order. She wants the same thing, just a different color. I will stop writing now because I could go on and on. Good night ladies and keep up the good work.
New Jersey

Thank You for my new REMY HAIR. I just recieved my first REMY HAIR (the
Amber) today, and everyone just loved it. The way it was packed really
well was just perfect. And when I opened it up, well lets just say it
looked way better than the picture. The color blends complimented my
skin tone. Also I am in the process of saving for my first REMY human
hair wig. Well my life has changed thanks to you. Your'e a Lifesaver

Sincerly, Jodi

I have to admit that I was none believer. I think I looked at this site 100 times before I decided to make my first purchase. When my package arrived I was totally blown away. I've never felt hair this beautiful before and had no idea it even existed. I expected it to be the run of the mill type of hair you find at most wig shops. I have to say I was wrong Peggy. You were right and this is a wig I will treasure and safe guard. My husband loves it. I even sleep in it. The coloring is absolutely perfect. I thank you for supplying me with a quality wig that makes me feel more beautiful than I have in years.


Sharon everybody thinks this is my hair! This is me after I flat ironed it. It looks just like my hair when I straighten it. Blends perfect. Thank you so much for the suggestion! I love it!

Peggy the wigs I bought from you to sell in my shop sold like hotcakes the first day! I want to double my original order and thank you for being so professional and shipping so fast. Your customer service skills are awesome! Here's to a long buisiness relationship. I love your new high quality line. My customers are very, very happy.
Manhatten, NY 04/04/05

Sandy you are my girl! For Life!!!!! Look at me! Look how beautiful I look! Everyone is amazed! Heck I'm amazed! I read these tesimonials before ordering from yall but they don't do yall know justice! So I took photos of me in mines and now they can see for themselves! If this looks good and natural on me, ANYBODY can wear them successfully! My natural hair is 12 inches and this looks better! Thanks again ladies . Thanks so much!
Atlanta, GA   04/11/05

Sharon, hopefully you will get this attchmt...please let me know okay ? Thanks...it's me and the Miss B...taken yesterday on my birthday!! Awesome! Love it!! Will take a few more later and send the BEST 2 that I have okay? Everybody doing double takes looking and trippin' !! Thanks for your patience with me, you all have been really good to me !! I LOVE YOU!!! Happy Birthday 2 ME!! 14 April 2005 Hey Sharon, Thanks for adding me! You guys are doing wonders for women everywhere! However, I will most certainly send a better pic next time, that one pic..DOES NOT DO JUSTICE to how good my hair really looks......my own hubby cannot tell its a wig!! (Yup, I sleep in it!!) That natural parting anywhere on the head throws everybody off, and they cannot believe how healthy and pretty my hair is! (I used to wear braids all the time, nobody has ever really seen my natural hair, not even me own hubby in years!!) Oh yeah, and you know I'm already saving up for another one, next time I think I'll get the professional cut and style with a little more color ..... but for right now....I'M LOVING IT!! Good to see you have many more styles shown, more testimonies...I honestly believe, for my satisfaction....it was worth every dime I spent!! Love You, and many many thanks again!! Just know, somebody is praying for you all for continued success!! Dianne . . . Serving GOD...to serve people :)