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You are to kind Sharon. Will send more/better and in color as soon as I get my new digital camera to work.

Thank you
God Bless,

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Date: 04/29/05
To: Sharon Kousimbas
Subject: Re: order # 323936

Good morning Sharon,
And hello, thank you for the quick response. I was out last night, and everybody wanted to know were I got my hair done. Gave them the web-site, hope you get a lot of customers. Because I was talking to everybody. However, I don't think they want to spend that kind of money, but I was I told them that it was truly worth every dollar.... was working it, REAL hard. Sending Photo(before) This is a full BullS---t wig.

Thank you, and God Bless!!!
Dear Sandy,
This is Daniel from Atlanta. I wanted to show you my new look. I put water on my lace front and it waved up so beautiful! Everyone comments on my hair EVERYWHERE I go. I love yall so much!!! This Brooke is the way to go! 5 ladies from my church also purchased some from you guys. Don't forget to give me my referral points. My next wig is gonna be free. lol
Atlanta, GA 05/01/05

Me and my sister are My Indian Hair fans for life! We've tried everything, from every company under the sun. Yes we read your website and we were very apprehensive because we've heard these same claims from every hair company under the sun and believe me we have searched high and low.I ordered the super cute curly hair and she ordered the natural lace front wig and as you see by the photos we look marvelous. HOLLYWOOD style dontcha know! This hair is so soft and natural I just love the way it feels. Thank you for having such a wonderful product. We will NEVER buy hair from any other company.

Cheryl and Yolanda

Irvine, California 5/9/05

Sharon ~ you have been great! I finally found exactly what I have been looking for. And your staff has been very patient and understanding. Thanks for helping me look and feel great. You have a llifetime customer now, and I look forward to ordering my next "Brook". Sincerely Cheryl
I am soooooooooooo happy! I can't even tell you how happy I am because your other testimonials say it all. I lost my hair due to alopecia and for months I've been afraid to leave the house. That is until I found this wonderful site. Thank you so much for restoring me to my former self. This Beyonce 8 looks just like my hair and Nadine thanks so much for telling me to get medium grade. It is perfect for me and I love you for speaking with me and answering all of my questions without getting mad at me for asking so many..lol. You were sweet, kind and professional and now I see why everybody has wonderful things to say about this company. I did call another company (a competitor) and they had nothing but bad things to say...lol....so I knew you were the company to go with! lol I remember when I was reading the testimonials I would always wonder what unit the ladies were wearing so please make sure you tell them that this is a Beyonce 8 with 2 base and 55% #30 highlights. I know after looking at my beautiful hair that everyone will want one too! I also want to thank you for allowing me to become a Reseller! OMG! It's only been 2 weeks and well you guys already know how much I've sold! I'm getting that new Lexus truck to go with my new hair! LOL I LOVE YOU LADIES!! THANKS SO MUCH! SEE YOU AT THE SEMINAR! Sharla 5/16/05 Miami

This is going to be the first time my husband see's me since I had the baby. He is finally coming home on leave and when he see's me he is going to ravish me! Nadine thanks for being so wonderful and taking your time with me. You are a true asset to the company and your professionalism and wonderful personality made this adventure to the unknown well worth every dime. I can truly say I love you and your spirit and I wish even more success to this wonderful company! My unit is beautiful and so am I!




North Carolina

Booke! Brooke! All I can say is ladies by the Brooke Medium grade and you will be on point! Beautiful and natural as if you were born with gorgeous hair! I LOVE YOU MY INDIAN HAIR!



Hi Sharon,

Just writing to let you know that you were right about this hair. I didn't believe it because I had kinda heard some stuff about you guys but now I see that they were all lies. All I can say is shake the haters and they wouldn't have to say bad stuff if they were on top of their game. Your hair puts all other hair companies to shame. Girl I have spent so much money on bad hair to the point that I was just convinced there was nothing good out there. I sent you a card to did you get it? That's how greatful I am! My hair problems are over for ever. Girl this hair is wayyyyy softer than you told me and way better. I still can't believe it! I colored it to you can see the picture I am attaching to this email. I'm going to wear it straight tomorrow and all my girls are jealous because I won't tell them where I got it from. Haha. I might tell them next week but for right now it's all about me!

Much Love,


Los Angeles, CA  5/28/05

Sharon: I LOVE YOU ! Anyway, please scroll to bottom of e-mail for an awesome pic - that represents !! My entire attitude and self esteem has almost tripled since wearing this gorgeous hair! It was worth every penny, every overtime hour, and every double take from onlookers who just seem to be appreciating the look of my hair ! Girlfriend, I feel good, look good....AND IT'S ALLLLLL GOOD!! Thanks again Sharon, much prayer going forth for you and the awesome staff at myindianhair.com ! Talk-atcha-later! Love the improved site by the way, fresh and fabulous, very informative and just "off-tha-chain"......God Bless, Always, 6/7/05

My photo speaks for itself. I love my new unit and the customer service is awesome!